Overseas Famous Tree Brand——A Sidelight on the Construction of Five Indian Projects
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捕鱼达人收益Going out of the country to build a coal mine is one of the things that the China Coal Five Construction People are proud of. As the first coal construction enterprise in China to go abroad, the company has undertaken more than 10 projects in Morocco, Turkey, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Vietnam, India, Ecuador and other countries. In recent years, the company has closely followed the country's opening-up strategic layout, took the national “One Belt, One Road” policy and took the car, worked hard to improve the ability to go global, promote regional transformation, and established a brand-new image overseas. At the end of 2016, India, the first batch of employees from the five companies of the five construction companies, had an indissoluble bond with the dry, hot, and ancient land.

捕鱼达人收益Stick to the power of precipitation

As the five largest overseas projects in recent years, its significance, responsibility and influence are far from self-evident. The cadres and workers who went to India for construction were carefully selected and selected. At the swearing-in meeting before going abroad, the head of the project department represented 55 first-time people who went to India and set up a “fine project to open up foreign markets. , establish a brand image of the oath. The five people who are mainly engaged in civil construction and installation have long been accustomed to the model of being a family of four seas. However, going out of the country and leaving home is still a test for this young team.

捕鱼达人收益When I came to India, everyone refused to take a break. Under the leadership of the project department, they immediately invested in the intense construction. In January 2016, the derrick installation started. By the end of May 18th, the steel structure frame was completed. In less than 5 months, they will install the 78.7m high vertical shaft derrick with a total weight of 1300T, and successfully pass the owner and supervision. The party accepted and completed their first show in India. It should be noted that in addition to the adverse effects caused by differences in site, equipment, environment, etc., the British-style management and technical standards are harsh, and the builders who lacked the experience of heavy-duty derrick installation once had a headache, strict schedule nodes, The hot weather makes everyone sweaty and very tired. Yang Fengsheng, the head of the project department and the deputy director of the five departments, said at a pre-class meeting: "To India, we are both working and studying, and learning how to manage and construct people, otherwise It’s too worthless to go home empty.” In order to stabilize the people and take root, the project department has come up with many ways to prepare the longevity noodles for the birthday workers, organize cultural and sports activities on important holidays, and the dumplings of the Spring Festival. The moon cakes in the Mid-Autumn Festival and the green vegetables in the hometown warmed the hearts of the people. The party and government also used the form of condolence videos, condolence letters and condolences to let them feel the care of the family. More than 40 degrees of high temperature did not scare them away, and their thoughts on their hometown did not stop them. The strict technical standards made them forged stronger and more reliable.

捕鱼达人收益Dedication - the power of example

捕鱼达人收益Liu Qiang is the technical manager of the Indian project department. Since the installation of the SKM hybrid wellbore, he is like an alarm clock with a clockwork, and he is always on the job. In the well of 1051.5 meters deep and 7.5 meters in diameter, it is necessary to complete the installation of 7 horizontal planes and 173 layers (standard floor height 6 meters). It is not only the test of "quantity" but also " Quality challenge. The 27mm anchor should be accurately inserted into the 30mm diameter bracket hole, only 3mm adjustment space, it is not ten eight, but thousands of times "needle thread"; all steel beams and brackets All of them are bolted, and the adjustment margin is only 7 mm. It doesn't sound too small. However, with the advancement of the installation, if the control error is not accurate, the construction difficulty will become bigger and bigger. The final result will only be the twists and turns. Waste. Not only that, according to foreign construction specifications and owner requirements, the entire wellbore equipment construction is not allowed to use oxygen, acetylene to cut the components, which means that if a component is not suitable, the components can not be directly modified and modified. In order to hand in a satisfactory answer, Liu Qiang made detailed planning, organized technical meetings several times, and determined the conversion of construction techniques and processes in advance. Before the class, he would also carry out strict technical disclosure, even if it was “hard irrigation”. Let the workers keep in mind every standard requirement. After the start of construction, he was almost nailed to the scene, leading the technicians, first using the approval and proofreading of the baseline, and closely tracking the basic links such as eye-catching and alignment, ensuring the installation accuracy and ensuring the installation accuracy. The installation of the road beam and the tank road has further laid a solid foundation for the stability of the Indian market.

During the electrical installation process of the hoist, due to the limitation of the site and equipment, the double-layer steel wire armored high-voltage cable with a length of 110 meters and 3x240 square meters can not be directly laid with large equipment. The cadres and workers of the project department are facing difficulties and hand-in-hand The shoulders dragged the heavy cables and placed them in the designated position. Under the high temperature of forty degrees, the sweat quickly soaked the overalls. It took only 2 days to complete the laying task, and the foreign countries were separated from home. In his hometown, Wu Jianren has won the respect and trust of all parties with his excellent character of simplicity, tenacity, hard work and courage.

The sun is hot and the sun is hot. Now India is in the summer season of three seasons. The high temperature of 45 degrees and 6 degrees makes this land extraordinarily "passionate." The cadres and workers of the five Indian project departments regard themselves as the original stone in the steelmaking furnace, constantly tempering themselves in the heat and heat, and gradually realize the transformation from rough to hundred steelmaking... (Zuo Quan)

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